Crown Chakra Stage

The Crown Chakra stage is designated for ethereal, extraterrestrial sounds. A space to connect and get into your layers; aimed to raise vibration. 

Yin Yang Workshop Spaces

The Yin Yang  workshop spaces facilitate a range of workshops aligned with yang energy as well as that of yin, here we look passed gender stereotypes, offering two spaces to allow you to learn and connect with whichever energy you may be flowing in within the moment. We welcome you to allow your being to flow and connect with the eb and flow of energetic experience in the moment.     *tweak* 

Heart Space

The Heart Space is dedicated to meditation, healing workshops and connecting with your heart centre.

Movement Space

Facilitating workshops in yoga, tai chi, dance, etc.. the Movement Space is designed to help you get to know your body and align with self and flow through movement. 

Art Gallery

Our community is bustling with talented producers of visionary art. Here, we provide a platform for them to share, inspire, and create. 

Cherub's Corner

The Kid's Space is a fun and enriching safe space for little ones to experience and grow. The space is bustling with child friendly activities but is not a child care centre, so please accompany your children at all times. 

Roots Stage

Tribal sounds, deep vibes and heavy bass lines, a safe and nurturing space to stomp to the beat of your drum. 

Fire Circle

Our designated space for your flames to be ignited. Be sure to bring your fire toys!

Communal Fire

Often seen as the heart of the festival, warm, comforting and burning bright. A place for stories, deep connections and to absorb some flame to support the fire within, 

Nurturing Nursing Space

The Nurturing Nursing Space is a welcoming, comfortable and clean space for parents to change and/or feed their young, or just relax peacefully and connect with other parents.

Eco Stage
Tree Planting

Planting literal seeds is just as important as planting metaphorical ones. We encourage you to work with us to give back to Gaia by contributing to our green vision and doing our bit to let her know we love her.

Art Trail

We're all about the journey, so we've included an Art Trail to encourage strolls on this beautiful land and increase the potential to walk those neural paths.

Info Tent
Community Kitchen

Don't have the budget to buy every meal? Sick of eating salad sandwiches? Need a cup of tea? No worries! The Community Kitchen will be open during designated hours and stocked with the bulk of your cooking needs. 

General Store

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