Frequently asked questions


What does my ticket include?

- Camping for four days and three nights - Access to regularly maintained toilets - Tree planting - An appropriate amount of hours of a diverse range of soul nurturing, mind expanding, heart hugging music - Workshops, talks, healings - Entry into the Art Gallery - Access to unique market stalls

How can I buy a ticket?

There are three ways to buy an Elemental Energies Festival ticket. 1) Outright via the 'Tickets' page of this website (we will announce when this option is active) 2) Payment plan via the 'Tickets' page of this website (we will announce when this option is active) 3) From a validated festival promoter or store (a list of promoters and stores will be provided soon)

What happens if I can no longer attend?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds in the instance of change of personal circumstance. If you are no longer able to attend the festival, you may be able to sell on your ticket to a trusted friend.

Do I need to do a name change?

Yes. A name change is required if you sell your ticket. Name changes can be done via the 'Tickets' page. An administration fee will be incured.

Why do I need a car pass?

As you are aware, the use of cars creates a susbtantial amount of carbon. By creating the need for transport, we feel that it is important to offset the carbon and give back to mother nature.
We feel very strongly about doing what we can to minimise harm on the environment and giving back however possible. The addition of a car pass enables us to offset the carbon and give back to our Mama Earth.

General Enquiries

How do I get there?

If you don't drive, or want to share the journey, carpooling is a great option to reduce the number of cars and meet new friends.

Keep an eye out for the carpooling page soon to be created.

We will also update you with further transport options as they present themselves.

Can I bring my caravan?

We are fans of cosy caravans. Yes, caravans are welcome.

Are pets allowed?

As much as we love animals, absolutely no pets are allowed on site. The only exception to this is service dogs.

What is not allowed?

- Fires, gas stoves, firecrackers, sparklers - Pets (service dogs are permitted) - GHB, Meth, Nangs

What amenities will be available onsite?

- Toilets - Drinking water - ATMs for cash out - Bags of ice - A delightful selection of stalls serving delicious food and beverages

Are children allowed?

Absolutely! We focus on being a family friendly event, with family camping available, children's space, nurturing nest for changing and feeding (we 100% support breastfeeding in public and offer a space if you want somewhere cosy to feed bubba), performances and family friendly activities.

Children 12 and under qualify for free entry, however, please ensure that you still select a free ticket for them. This is for safety reasons.
We do ask that you please ensure that your children are supervised at all times. If you have any questions or suggestions to make the festival more family friendly, please feel welcome to contact us.

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