Odyssey takes sustainability very seriously and views transformational gatherings as having the potential to create awareness and give back to Mother Earth. With such a positive platform, we can all learn how to be more sustainable this festival season and also at home. Festivals are not a a free pass to be loose, but an opportunity to embrace responsibility and work toward eco-conscious, sustainable, loving, community living. Let us live and learn and create positive change together. 

Please read through the following sustainability policy and familiarise yourself before embarking on your journey. 

1. We kindly request that all attendees respect our ban on beanbags. 

    - Many hours have been spent picking up styrofoam beads from a popped beanbag which pose a serious threat to wildlife. For this reason, there will be NO BEANBAGS ARE ALLOWED ON SITE.

2. Please do not bring anything that is treated as micro litter.

    - This includes sequins, glitter (unless it is biodegradable). Glitter in particular wreaks havoc on the environment. You are beautiful as you are and you already sparkle without contributing to environmental disaster.  

3. If you feel the need to bring furniture to set up your temporary home, PLEASE take it home with you. Carpets, couches, camping gear included. If you do bring a couch, expect to be charged a deposit, because if you don't take it home, we have to. 

4. Reduce! Practice being mindful when it comes to what you buy and how much packaging it comes with. We recycle all materials via all methods available to us, but reducing is even better than recycling. 

5. Bring your reusable cup to fill up during adventures. 

6. Opt for reusable cutlery and crockery when eating from food stalls and be sure to return them to the appropriate containers to be washed. 

7. Recycle! Please be sure to put your rubbish in the correct bins. This is good practice and really helps our dedicated waste crew when sorting through the trash. That's right, our team hand sort through all of the waste, if you would like to learn more about what can and can't be recycled and work with amazing team, you can apply to volunteer by clicking here.

8. Keep your space clean and encourage others to do the same. A tidy space can allow for other areas of your experience to flourish. Once you have your base level sorted (your physical space), you open yourself up to the rest of the journey. 

9. Nangs... Due to the impossibility of recycling them, we ask that you please respect our wishes for there to be no nangs at any of our events. These pesky pieces of no good will be added to our prohibited items list and will be confiscated. We aren't doing it to ruin your fun, we are doing it because we care.

Let's put some love back into our Pachamama and leave nothing but love vibrations and conscious footprints. 

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